Jack Roush is the founder and creator of ROUSH® Performance Products.  The company was founded in 1995, and stemmed from Jack Roush's lifelong passion and love for racing and building of high-performance engines.  Jack Roush has helped countless race teams reach their dreams of victory, so it is not difficult to say: the man knows what he's doing.  Since Jack loved racing and Ford Mustangs so much, he decided to combine his legendary racing success with the OEM manufacturing of Ford.
In 1988, Jack Roush presented Ford with his first ever "ROUSH®" Mustang, which pumped out 400 horsepower from the twin-turbo monster under the hood.  Roush's intentions were to form a partnership with Ford Motor Co., but unfortunately Ford originally declined in response that it would cost too much to mass produce these vehicles.  That did not stop Roush though, he carried on and began creating after-market high performance parts and engines for Mustangs.  Sure enough, a few years down the road, Roush scored partnership with Ford Motor Co. and began offering complete Roush packages in-house.
Today, Roush continues to lead the market in some of the most advanced high-performance cars internationally, and continues to build some of the world's most beautifully engineered Mustangs.  Jack Roush himself approves of the design and engineering involved in today's ROUSH® Mustangs to ensure that his personal standards are met before the new models are released to the public.

2013 ROUSH® Stage 3:

The ROUSH® Stage 3 package is the premier package in the line up of ROUSH® Mustangs.  It combines the styling of the Stage 1 package with the handling of the Stage 2 package and adds a ROUSH® engineered overhaul of the original 5.0L found in the Mustang GT to make the Stage 3 package.  The 5.0L-4v engine is supercharged or "ROUSHcharged" with a R2300 supercharger featuring TVS (Twin Vortices Series) and pumps out a prodigious 565 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque.  Needless to say, it'll put you in your seat with one stab at the throttle.  The R2300 supercharger helps with thermal efficiency, provides a higher volumetric capacity, as well as increases supercharging speeds.  Roush is so confident in their engineering they provide a 3 year / 36,000 mile complete power train warranty!  Looking from underneath the car, you'll notice the 18x10 cast aluminum, five spoke, chrome ROUSH® wheels wrapped in ROUSH®/Cooper RS3 tires.  It's equipped with a larger/stiffer stabilizer bar to help reduce body roll as well as provide balanced handling for the ultimate experience behind the wheel.  You'll also find other upgraded parts including: an anti-wheel hop kit, twin-tube shocks, an increased spring rating, and upgraded bushings and jounce bumpers.  From the exterior you'll notice the flawless R6 Aerobody package, which is the 6th generation of body styling for the ROUSH® Mustangs.  In the R6 package is a ROUSH® upper and lower grille, a 3-piece rear deck lid spoiler, a rear aero valance plus more!  Slapped on top of the R6 Aerobody styling is the RS3 graphics, which come in a variety of color options so the buyer can customize as they please.  Finally, upon entering the ROUSH® Stage 3 you'll notice the all-new Roush Stage 3 interior package.  Things you may notice include: the custom gauge cluster, embroidered leather seats with suede inserts and highlighted stitching, an LED ROUSH® boost gauge, a suede wrapped racing steering wheel, suede door inserts with highlight stitching, and a white or black ROUSH® shift knob.