Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

The Ford Fusion Energi offers a surprising package for the value as a hybrid sedan. As a plug-in hybrid with a CVT automatic transmission, it’s one of the best vehicles on the road if you are looking for comfort and fuel efficiency. You’ll be able to charge the Energi in a 110-volt outlet. You’ll get the most fuel efficiency while in the electric mode for the vehicle, which averages around 96 MPGe. There’s also the gas version, which still gets pretty decent mpg at 42.

The Energi comes standard with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and an electric motor. The total package can put out 188 horsepower. It’s quick to accelerate and does well on the highway, easily passing traffic and transitions nicely from gas to electric if you need to. The Energi is definitely a vehicle that you can use every day and save money with.

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