The Ford Edge sport utility vehicle has one of the safest designs in its class. Available in four trims at Ed Koehn Ford of Wayland, this mid-size model offers more than 10 features that help you avoid accidents in Wayland.

The segment-exclusive Evasive Steering Assist is optional in the Edge. When a crash is likely to occur with another motorist that slows down, the technology will help you steer this Ford away from trouble. The Lane Centering function is another class-exclusive safety technology that's available in this mid-size SUV. The signature function centers the car's body between the markings of a single lane.

You can add other accident-prevention amenities to the Edge, including the Pre-Collision Assist. When it foresees an imminent threat of a forward crash, this feature gives you some time to take evasive action. The Automatic Emergency Braking is ready to help you in a critical situation that can't be avoided by other means.


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