Reversing in the Ford Ranger

If you have a difficult time backing up large vehicles, take a look at the new Ford Ranger. This new mid-sized pickup truck makes it a lot easier to navigate in reverse. It's available at Ed Koehn Ford of Wayland with an intuitive rearview camera and sensor system.

The rearview camera is installed discreetly on the back of the truck. Whenever you shift into reverse, the camera turns on. The live feed is then displayed on the infotainment center in the cabin. You can see your surroundings clearly without having to strain your neck. The image also has distance markings so that you always know how far obstacles are.

If you're backing out of a driveway or parking space, the rear cross-traffic alerts can be very helpful. This system uses sensors to look out for traffic coming from both sides of the truck. Audible alerts will let you know when it's not safe to proceed.



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