How does the Ford Flex look from the front?

One of the distinctive features that denotes any vehicle is the appearance from the front. Owners of vehicles want the vehicle to be more than a practical delivery system, taking people from place to place. Appearance is a key issue that draws the eye of passersby.

In the Ford Flex, every trim comes with a definitive frontal appearance that creates an image of luxury. Tinted windows hover above a front with FLEX written in large bold chrome letters across the front. Below the name is a chrome grille that extends across the face of the vehicle that stylishly includes the silver colored lights creating a seamless grin. In the top trim, the limited, the grille is even more dynamic with a satin-aluminum finish.

Come and view the Ford Flex at Ed Koehn Ford of Wayland. See the bold presentation and imagine yourself driving it down the road.



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