The Ford Escape has an Interior Made to Impress

If you are searching for a compact SUV, you must take some time to consider the Ford Escape and all that it offers. This automobile is a popular pick, a vehicle that many love, and an SUV with interior features that will make you smile.

Whether you are taking a camping trip or helping a friend move, the cargo space in this SUV can help you out. You can fill this automobile with all kinds of things. Wouldn't you love to start up your vehicle without twisting a key? You can do that with the push button start that you receive with this SUV.

Ed Koehn Ford of Wayland understands the many things that you think about as you search for the perfect automobile. We know that you are careful to choose an automobile that is perfectly suited to your tastes. Stop by our Wayland, MI dealership and take a brand new Ford Escape out for a test drive.

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