Signs That Your Ignition Needs to be Checked

There are a number of reasons why your car ignition may not be working correctly. It could also be issues with your key, battery, or starter as well. If your car stalls suddenly or doesn't start at all, your ignition line may have been severed or it could be a manufacturer defect.

Most of the time your warranty will cover ignition switches up to a certain year or mileage. It may also be a transponder key issue or a broken key that is too worn out to turn the ignition correctly. If you have any issues with your starter in the past or if lights flicker on the dashboard, then you may have a dying battery as well.

A mechanic can help you with a diagnostic and give you recommendations to fix a failing ignition or starter. You can stop by our car parts and repair shop located in Wayland, MI if you want quick service.

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